Winter 2014
The Next Age of Invention
Joel Mokyr
Technology’s future is brighter than pessimists allow.
The State Tax Grab
Steven Malanga
Cash-hungry governments are shaking down nonresident businesses and workers.
Public Safety and Democracy
William J. Bratton and Paul Romer
A dialogue on the evolution and future of policing
Gloomy France
Pascal Bruckner
As the young and entrepreneurial flee, the country struggles to compete and pay for its massive welfare state.

The End of an Era

Tevi Troy
Looking back on a mayoralty of accomplishment, overreach, and ambiguity
West Side Story
Nicole Gelinas
How smart policies, citizen activism, and visionary entrepreneurs transformed a huge swath of Manhattan
Net Gains
James Panero
Silicon Alley rises again.
American and Catholic
George Weigel
Michael Novak’s achievement
City of Villages
Joel Kotkin
Vibrant ethnic neighborhoods, not tall buildings, define the real Los Angeles.
Why (Some) Downtowns Are Back
Mario Polèse
Lessons from the urban resurgence
It Takes a Certain Kind of Village
Jerry Weinberger
Rallying to save a beloved local institution, D.C. neighbors show what real community looks like.
Literacy Is Knowledge
Robert Pondiscio
Why teaching reading means teaching content


The Humanities and Us
Heather Mac Donald
Don’t listen to today’s narcissistic academics—the West’s cultural inheritance is indispensable.
Father of the Wild Things
Stefan Kanfer
Maurice Sendak and the “awful vulnerability of children”


Steven Malanga
New York needs a new solution to its problem of nonprofit corruption.
Kay S. Hymowitz
The New York Times takes the wrong lesson from a real problem.
Guy Sorman
Francis’s criticisms of the free market ignore its usefulness.
Nicole Gelinas
Pedestrian, motorist, and bicyclist deaths are preventable disasters.
Adam Freedman
They go together—so long as the politics are left-wing.


Brian C. Anderson
Oh, to be in England
The Noble Conrad
Theodore Dalrymple
For the great novelist, art, entertainment, and moral purpose were one.
Beacon Diarist
Paul Beston
Coming soon