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After Bloomberg:
An Agenda for New York

Special Issue 2013
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Special Issue 2013
Brian C. Anderson

The Economy

The Coming Budget Crunch.
Steven Malanga
Gotham’s mayoral candidates have big spending plans that ignore fiscal reality.
E. J. McMahon
New York’s tax regime costs the city jobs in a hypercompetitive age.
Growth Engines.
Edward L. Glaeser
Small businesses drive prosperity, but New York’s taxes and regulations are holding them back.

Policing and the Social Order

Safe Streets Ahead?.
Heather Mac Donald
Judicial rulings and anti-cop activists threaten the city’s triumph over crime.
What Is a Mayor's Job?.
Myron Magnet
Ensuring freedom from fear, the last two decades prove.

Fixing Broken Classrooms

Education Advice for the Next Mayor.
Sol Stern
Pursue a stronger curriculum and a new teachers’ contract.
Charter Schools and Their Enemies.
Marcus A. Winters
Why undermine institutions that have benefited thousands of city students?
How to Avoid Fiscal Derailment.
Nicole Gelinas
Rationalizing tolls and cutting labor costs would secure the future of city transit.
The Frozen City.
Howard Husock
Misguided policies keep some New Yorkers in subsidized apartments and raise costs for everyone else.
Saving Welfare Reform.
Kay S. Hymowitz
The next mayor will face intense pressure to reverse two decades of progress.
Unchartered Territory.
Stephen Eide
Two reforms that would improve the city’s constitution
Leaving Town.
Aaron M. Renn
Metro New York hemorrhaged $49 billion during the 2000s as residents sought opportunity elsewhere.


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Clark Whelton
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