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By Stefan Kanfer

The Voodoo That They Did So Well: The Wizards Who Invented the New York Stage.

Eye on the News

Stefan Kanfer
With Apologies to Satchmo
An ode to Bloomberg’s new drink rules
March 8, 2013

I see grains of white, brown coffee, too
But not for me, and not for you
And I think to myself, what a Bloombergish world

I see signs upon Dunkin Donuts’ shelves
“You will have to pour sugar for yourselves”
And I say to myself, what a Bloombergish world

The colors of a rainstorm . . . the gloom that clouds the morn
And also on the faces . . . of customers forlorn
I see friends shaking heads, with their faces askew
They’re really saying, Bloomberg adieu

I hear adults cry . . . words of hate
And there’s more to come from the Nanny State
And I think to myself, what a Bloombergish world

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