Winter 2012
California's Demographic Revolution.
Heather Mac Donald
If the upward mobility of the impending Hispanic majority doesn’t improve, the state’s economic future is in peril.
The Court That Broke Jersey.
Steven Malanga
The state’s activist judiciary has forced taxpayers to finance unprecedented educational and housing regimes.
Not a Penny More.
William Voegeli
The case for antitax absolutism
Farewell to the Free Market?.
Nicole Gelinas
Western governments have compounded the economic crisis by rejecting the one force that can end it.
The New Rebellions.
Guy Sorman
Across the globe, technology-empowered protesters seek to disrupt the political and economic order.
It's Working in Walker's Wisconsin.
Christian Schneider
The governor’s controversial labor reforms are already saving taxpayers millions.
The Landlord's Tale.
Bert Stratton
A member of a maligned class explains, among other things, how he keeps up the neighborhood.
The State of the Anglosphere.
Joel Kotkin and Shashi Parulekar
The decline of the English-speaking world has been greatly exaggerated.
Get Dense.
Robert Bryce
It’s time to stop wasting land and resources in the name of environmentalism.
The Last Sane Liberal.
Tevi D. Troy
Mayor Ed Koch’s practical progressivism saved Gotham’s finances and restored its spirit.
The Math of Khan.
Laura Vanderkam
Not just a YouTube phenomenon, but a model for educational transformation
Hannah Arendt and the Origins of Israelophobia.
Sol Stern
The great antitotalitarian thinker was no friend to the Jewish state.


When George Washington Became Great.
Myron Magnet
Those were the times that tried men’s souls.


Fred Siegel
It started with Mayor Lindsay and continues with President Obama.
Steven Greenhut
A new report calls for higher taxes in California.
Judith Miller
A nonpartisan group aims to elect “courageous” legislators in the Golden State.
Kay S. Hymowitz
Gingrich’s rhetoric was clumsy, but he was right about work and the poor.
Steven Malanga
Cities keep squandering money on hotels and meeting facilities.
E. J. McMahon
The governor’s tax hike will harm New York’s competitiveness.


Brian C. Anderson
Oh, to be in England
The European Crack-Up
Theodore Dalrymple
Greeks aren’t Germans.
Claire Berlinski
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