Winter 2010
Chicago's Real Crime Story.
Heather Mac Donald
Why decades of community organizing haven’t stemmed the city’s youth violence

Demography and Dynamism

Our Vanishing Ultimate Resource.
Steven Malanga
Plummeting birthrates threaten prosperity worldwide. Can America buck the trend?
A Not-Lost Generation.
Laura Vanderkam
The current downturn won’t spell doom for America’s young workers.
The Ramparts I Watched.
Sol Stern
Our storied radical magazine did transform the nation—for the worse.
Invasion of the European Economists.
Guy Sorman
A generation of free-market exiles has made the U.S. campus its home.
Eminent Domain as Central Planning.
Nicole Gelinas
Wielding creative definitions of blight, New York runs roughshod over property rights and uproots viable neighborhoods.
Empire of Excess.
E. J. McMahon and Josh Barro
New York’s top earners will soon be paying more in state taxes than ever.
The Velvet Philosophical Revolution.
André Glucksmann
Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the battle for political freedom goes on.
A Man Alone.
Andrew Klavan
Jesse Lee Peterson versus the “black experience”
In Defense of Political Anonymity.
Bradley A. Smith
Campaign-finance disclosure rules have encouraged harassment of donors and coarsened public debate.
Tomorrow's Wars.
Victor Davis Hanson
Enormous, massively destructive engagements may again be on the horizon.
No State Left Behind.
Marcus A. Winters
How to get states to improve their tests


The Education of John Jay.
Myron Magnet
America’s indispensable diplomat


Troy Senik
A plan to apply counterinsurgency doctrine to gang violence
Peter Sloterdijk
The modern democratic state pillages its productive citizens.
Steven Malanga
New governor Chris Christie could have national influence.
Claire Berlinski
Switzerland’s misguided prohibition of minarets
Paulette Miniter
A Japanese tutoring service gains converts in New York and nationwide.
Conrad Kiechel
Thirty years after its founding, the Conservancy inspires other cities.
James Panero
A militant union smothers New York theater.
Berin Szoka
What empowers the disabled is free enterprise, not regulation.
Larry Sand
—that is, if the NEA’s logic is to be believed.


Oh, to be in England
The Galbraith Revival.
Theodore Dalrymple
The aristocratic economist’s big-government ideas are back in vogue.
Michael Anton
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