Spring 2008
Is the Criminal-Justice System Racist?
Heather Mac Donald
No: the high percentage of blacks behind bars reflects crime rates, not bigotry.
California’s Potemkin Environmentalism
Max Schulz
A celebrated green economy produces pollution elsewhere, ongoing power shortages, and business-crippling costs.
Free People Are Happy People
Arthur C. Brooks
—especially when strong personal morality guides their choices.
May 1968: 40 Years Later
Christopher Hitchens, Kay S. Hymowitz, Stefan Kanfer, Guy Sorman, Harry Stein, Sol Stern
Six City Journal authors recall a spring that shook the world.
Podcast available PODCASTS: Kay S. Hymowitz, Stefan Kanfer, and Sol Stern read their stories
An Anatomy of Surrender
Bruce Bawer
Motivated by fear and multiculturalism, too many Westerners are acquiescing to creeping sharia.
The Death and Life of Bushwick
Steven Malanga
A Brooklyn neighborhood finally recovers from decades of misguided urban policies.
The Big Easy Rebuilds, Bottom Up
Nicole Gelinas
Ordinary New Orleanians restore their city, avoiding lower Manhattan’s master-planned debacle.
The Other Terrorism
Judith Miller
Post-9/11, Spain’s Basque terrorists are on the run—but still a threat.
Hope for Iraq’s Meanest City
Michael J. Totten
How the surge brought order to Fallujah


Mr. Sammler’s City
Myron Magnet
Saul Bellow’s prophetic 1970 novel captured New York’s unraveling and remains a cautionary tale.
Cities for Living
Roger Scruton
Antimodernist Léon Krier designs urban environments to human scale.


Steven Malanga
Identity theft in America goes hand and hand with illegal immigration.
David Gratzer, Paul Howard
Barack Obama has it (mostly) right.
Nicole Gelinas
But Beantown isn’t home free yet.
Walter Olson
Activists seek to shut down churchgoer insurance.
Bradley A. Smith
Gotham’s campaign-finance law creates first- and second-class citizens.


Oh, to be in England
A Confusion of Tongues
Theodore Dalrymple
Why Britain struggles to assimilate immigrants
Andrew Klavan
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